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2019 Salina League of Women Voters Annual Meeting – Draft

Meeting called to order by President, Lori Trow at 10:00 a.m. April 6, 2019.

Members present: LORI TROW, President; ANN ZIMMERMAN, Vice President; MARGARET
WYATT, Treasurer; Board members: Abner Perney, Emma Doherty, Diana Tarver; Jan Everhart, Janet Hanson, Mike Trow, Joan Ratzlaff, Mary Francis Hogg, David Norlin; State League Co-Presidents Cille King and Teresa Briggs; and one guest, Brandi

Lori introduced our guests from the State League and then announced that Mary Francis is a 45 year member of our Salina League.

Ann nominated Emma Doherty as Parliamentarian for the meeting. Diana second, passed.

Lori gave a president’s report for 2018:
 We held six Lunch and Learns: Ecospheric Studies, Agricultural Burning, An Update on the Smoky Hill River Project, The Kansas Foster Care System, and DACA
 Postcard writing (to legislators) at Ad Astra on Saturdays continued through the year.
 The annual meeting was held in April.
 Several board members attended the state meeting.
 We held eight local voter registration events.
 The Fall Issues Forum hosted Larry Black speaking about the Opioid Addiction Crisis.
 We participated in the Tri Rivers Fair and Smoky Hill Museum Street Fair parades
 All enjoyed the summer potluck.
 In October, with the Chamber of Commerce, we co-sponsored a Candidate’s Forum.
 2019 Lunch and Learns so far include the Silver Haired Legislature, A Report on the National Memorial for Peace and Justice, and a Salina 2020 Update.
 Planning has begun on the 100th Birthday celebration. Emma is on that state committee.
 We have a new voter registration committee.

Margaret gave the Treasurer’s report:
 So far about $400 has been collected during our March fundraiser.
 $500 postage was paid to “over buy” stamps for VOTERS before the price increase.
 There is money for attendance at the national conference if anyone is interested.
 The bank balance is approximately $7,000 now.
 We have money for expenses for several conventions including State at end of April.
 We ran some ads to encourage voting before the last election and could do so again.
 The new budget was presented.
 Several ideas were discussed regarding buying business cards and ads for Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and local high school yearbooks.

Mike made motion to approve the new budget. Ann second and carried.

Nominating committee, Mike and Anita (or was it Abner and Margaret?) submit the following:

Officers – Lori, President; Ann, Vice President; Carla, Secretary
Nominating committee – Mike and Anita
Committee to Read the Minutes – Diana, Margaret, Ann
David moved to elect the slate, Emma second. All were elected

Ideas for Topics for Lunch and Learns 2019-2020
 Our community water system/the new processing & sewer plant
 Someone from the state to report on Rural Opportunity Zones
 Effects of e-cigarettes/juls on teens
 Suicide in the state/mental health in Kansas
 Wind and solar alternatives for private residents
 USD 305 Equity Council
 How to maintain a high quality local newspaper/organization (got 2 votes for this topic)
 Saline County Audubon area off I70 west of town (Dan Baffa)
 How is recycling working? (or not)
 Social Media, how to use
 Local and State League positions on labor
 Hemp

Directions to the Board
 Approach the Chamber regarding policy for legislative forums (see discussion following
regarding this direction)
 Advertizing processes for LWV
 Consider doing a local study (a more in depth discussion follows) perhaps on painting
roads/infrastructure; or comprehensive demographic changes & trends in the county
and state; or the effects of state tax on county and city

The idea of a local study was discussed at length. It was recognized that local studies
could, have in the past, led to changes in public policy. It was made clear that ‘local’
needs of county, not only Salina, be a part of the study. Studies of infrastructure
maintenance and lack thereof, as well as demographic studies including questions of
school funding, gerrymandering, retaining educated young people, and
attracting/keeping businesses were of highest importance. The study topic needs to be
narrowed. A committee was formed to focus the study: Abner, Joan R., Janet H., Mike T.
Cille said that National has guidelines to help us on a study. Also, Elaine Guisse
(spelling?), who worked on the state water study, may have advice.

David N. asked that the board move quickly, within the week, to meet with the
Chamber of Commerce and discuss its legislative forums policy as there is an upcoming
town hall. He raises concerns of public input, length of filibustering by legislators, lack
of time for input from the public, and excessive influence of a minority of special interest
representatives. Diana made and David seconded the following motion: A committee
from Salina LWV will meet with the Chamber of Commerce to discuss a possible new
structure to make the Legislative Issues Forums more representative of constituent
opinions and concerns, with suggestions, for instance, to place some time limits on
legislators’ statements[, to identify who has asked the questions] and to allow for followup
questions. Approved. Lori, David and Emma were appointed as the committee.

State Co-Presidents Offered:
 Two cards made by LWVK for registration tables empowering and informing voters –
available to be modified by Cille for local use if we wish. As well as a pamphlet
outlining the League’s 2019 legislative priorities.
 Appreciation from Senator Hardy for the post cards we have sent during the year
 Encouragement to attend the State conference April 27th
 Information on the voting lawsuit: the appeal was heard on March 18, the ACLU thinks
a decision will be handed down by the end of April. What if it’s overturned? They don’t
know, so keep using Federal form for registrations.
 A group in Topeka is looking at doing the ex-felon voting education for officials on
Federal level crime.
 The state centennial celebration committee, including Emma and Lori, is continuing it’s
 The BIG bill S130 did pass. It includes four significant voter rights protections.

Lori introduced guest speaker, Mike Schrage, New Salina City Manager and his young
daughter, Ashley
Mr. Schrage began his talk by describing his education and work experience in Iowa and
Missouri. He has been the assistant city manager in Salina and the new city manager for 10
He discussed many of the current issues facing Salina including tax changes, the downtown
and river renewal projects, affordable housing challenges, city budget and financing, and
the Shilling groundwater contamination issue.
He answered questions of public vs. private maintenance funding, attracting new industry
& business to the area, and discussed ways in which the city staff is working on
sustainability and continuous process improvement.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:47 p.m.