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Enjoy 2017-2020 Lunch and Learn with Salina LWV!


Lunch and Learn February 9, 2021 – Paul Johnson, Legislative Observer for the Kansas League of Women Voters and the Kansas Rural Center shares some of the current legislative news and bill introductions this session. (To view this video use passcode:   LWV.67401   )


Lunch and Learn January 12, 2021-  Jamie Doss, Saline County Clerk and Election Officer, recaps the local November election. (In order to view this video, you will have to use passcode: LWV.67401 )


Lunch and Learn November 10, 2020 – Maggie Gillum, Salina Architect, presents an overview: The historic Stiefel Theatre and Lee Building renovations (In order to view this video, you will have to use passcode: j1NF!d9a )


Lunch and Learn October 13, 2020 – Saline County Health Department’s, Amy Meysenberg, discusses COVID 19.


Our video of the Lunch and Learn, Jamie Doss, Saline County Clerk, September 8, 2020 is unavailable BUT you may read notes of her presentation here.


Salina 2020 Update – Lunch & Learn March 12, 2019 (No video available for this one but click on photo to read report.