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To register to vote in Kansas, a person needs to be a United States citizen and at least 18 years of age by the next state/federal general election.

If convicted of a felony, a person must have completed all the terms of his or her sentence before regaining voting eligibility. Voter registration needs to be done 21 days before an election in order to vote in that election. Voter registration must be updated when one moves or changes his or her name.

Until further notice, LWVK recommends using the Federal Voter Application Form for new voter registrants.

You must show a government-issued photo identification when voting or when requesting a advance-mail ballot. People over 65 years of age may use an expired photo ID.

Think you’re registered to vote? 16,821 Kansans are not!

Chances are, you will find names you know on the June suspense list.

Johnson County had the most incomplete applications with 4,325 names, followed by Sedgwick with 3,021; Wyandotte with 761; Shawnee with 755; Geary with 486; Douglas with 466; Butler with 414; Crawford with 414; Leavenworth with 400; and Lyon with 309. Saline county has 221.  See the entire list of counties.

As LWV Kansas (LWVK) analysis has consistently shown, the under-30 age group has the most suspended voters, with 29.4 percent of the total. Of the 4,888 voters in this group, 3,209 are 18 to 24 years of age; 1,679 are 25 to 30.

Ages 31 to 40 represent 19.2 percent of the total or 3,174; ages 41 to 50 represent 17.9 percent or 2,971; ages 51 to 60 represent 16.3 percent or 2,699; and 60 or older represent 17.1 percent or 2,839.

With few exceptions, Kansans on the suspense list found the documentary proof of citizenship requirement to be too expensive in time, complexity, and money; or were wrongly rejected by state data management systems.

Check to see if your Kansas voter registration is up-to-date

If your name appears on this list, but you need to update your address or name, fill out the voter application form.

If your name does not appear on the voter registration list, fill out the voter application form.

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